Lets Move to North Korea

from by Winterbourne

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Lets move to North Korea


Imagine a world with no advertisements.
Everywhere you go, everywhere you look.
A world without pointless pissing products forcefully forced down our throats,
Every time we dare to step outside.

In north Korea they only advertise one product
Kim jong-un, their leader supreme
I'm not saying that we're better we spent billions this year alone
On events to advertise our queen.

Over there the government controls the media,
Here the media controls government
I'm not saying that they've got it right I'm just saying that we've got it wrong
While big businesses, control our freedom

They've got the fastest Internet on the planet
But it only connects to government sites
And I think I'd like that better than what we've got here 'cause more and more it seems to me
That the Internet, controls out lives

Let's move to north Korea
I hear the weather's nice this time of year
And if you don't mind living in fear...
Of disease or famine, false imprisonment or public hanging,
Them lets up sticks and move to north Korea

And if they'd let me emigrate
You know I'd be there in a heartbeat
And I guarantee in a couple of days
I'd have people marching in the street
And before the week was out
The government would be in rout
And the people will be free

And never again will they trust a government
They'll never bow their heads to monarchy
They'll trust in each other, and believe in themselves
Found a state of positive anarchy

That sounds like the kind of place for me.


from The Winterbourne EP. (Rough), released December 30, 2012



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Winterbourne UK

London based folk-punk

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