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Sqat the Moon

G G G Em - part 1
C G D G - part 2

I had a dream, That lived in a tent
In a field by the side of the road
Everything that I had I could fit in my bag
And everyday along the streets I would roam

I'd play ukelele for the people I'd meet
They'd give me some change or something to eat
And sometimes I'd feel hungry I'd never feel alone
'Cause I may not have a house but the city-
The city is my home

No more hours wasted scrolling through the Internet
Or sat in front of TV
No just scraping by, struggling to pay my rent
The cost of living is nothing when you live in a tent

And I'd shower and shave at my old university,
They let anybody in, there's practically no security
And yeah I'd miss my bed, and in the winter I would freeze
But I could just move to the forest and build -
Build a house in the trees

You'd never see me on the street corner with an empty coffee cup
You'd never see me beg
I'd be playing, writing, singing my songs
meeting new people instead

Cause if you're not living you're dying if you're not moving you'll stagnate
When you've got nowhere to go well then you never can be late
But it's not that I have nowhere to go I could go anywhere at all
Down south towards the channel or back north -
Back north towards the wall

The things we see as necessities are so far from that
Man we used to live in caves
We believe technology has raised us up
But it also drags us down
'Cause to technology we all are slaves

We're all stuck in this scripted drama, tells us how our lives should be
Your born and then you work until the day you cease to breathe
And I don't need your jobs, I don't need your cars
What's a roof over my head
Compared with a ceiling-
A ceiling of stars

We were constantly told how to best live our lives
By parents teachers and tv
That by giving up our dreams and personalities
we could become productive members if society

But this society is broken and I won't have any part
And if I can live outside of it by living outside well that's a fucking start
And until I can build a spaceship well i guess this will have to do
'Cause the day that comes I'm leaving earth to claim -
Squatters rights on the moon.


from The Winterbourne EP. (Rough), released December 30, 2012



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Winterbourne UK

London based folk-punk

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